Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Polar Bear Faces Extinction

The Polar Bear Faces Extinction
by Jerome_Exner
It should be no secret to anyone that the Arctic "Polar Bear" is facing some of its most drastic climate changes it has been through, since its existence. The ice-packs which these animals live on is being melted away by green-house gases, and more commonly referred to by most as "Global Warming".

As our earth's climate warms, these ice-packs are melted and broken apart making it harder for the polar bear to find its food. This causes the polar bear to swim great distances, in order to hunt for its next meal. Wildlife conservationists have actually seen polar bears drown because they just couldn't make it to the nearest ice flow.

Recent study shows that the polar bear populations are declining at an alarming rate. Fewer cubs are being sited every year, which means that their reproductive cycle is being effected also. This animal is slowly being starved to the brink of extinction.

To save the polar bear, we have to start thinking about reducing green house gas emissions. We must find other means to fuel our economy, which could diminish the effects of global warming through time, and lessen our dependence on "fossil fuels".

The polar bear is not the only one of the species in this habitat which are being affected. The Walrus, seal, arctic fox, arctic hare, and many others are being affected also. Oil exploration in the northern regions should be stopped, stopping the potential for human error, and thus preserving our environment.

How far will we push our environment without looking back to see the effects it has incurred, and devastation it has caused.

To conclude, Global Warming is a very serious issue in todays fast paced world we live in, lets "hope" that it is recognized globally and dealt with by our politicians and governments because after all, they are the people who can truly make a difference.
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